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Winter Moorings on the Grand Union Canal

Winter Moorings on the Grand Union Canal

As winter approaches and the weather turns colder in the United Kingdom, boat owners will be considering the mooring options available to them along the Grand Union Canal between November and March.

Mooring at a marina during the winter is an attractive choice for boat owners and brings a unique set of benefits that can transform your winter experience.

Benefits of Winter Mooring in a Marina

Marina Facilities and Services

Marinas, such as Willowtree, are typically equipped with a range of facilities that make winter living more comfortable. These amenities often include electricity hookups, water supply, waste disposal services, and laundry facilities, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of home on your boat.

Reduced Maintenance

Mooring in a marina can significantly reduce the maintenance requirements for your boat during the winter. With regular access to utilities and services, you can keep your boat in top condition without the hassle of constant upkeep.

Community and Camaraderie

Marinas often have a tight-knit community of fellow boat owners who share a passion for canal life. Winter moorings provide an excellent opportunity to build lasting friendships and share experiences with like-minded individuals.

Proximity to Amenities

Many marinas are strategically located near essential local amenities and transport connections. This means you can easily explore the surrounding area, enjoy local dining, and commute to your place of work.

Peaceful Winter Retreat

The tranquillity of marinas during the winter months is truly something to savour. With fewer boats and visitors, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a sense of calm and peace that is often elusive during the bustling summer season.

Willowtree Marina Winter Moorings

Our marina offers temporary moorings between November and March and are welcoming bookings for the 2023/24 winter season. If you then decide to stay longer with us, we are on hand to help you find the right mooring to suit your needs.